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About Keyboard Stands

Keyboard stands are an essential for any keyboard or synth wizard. guitarguitar stock a range of portable and heavy duty stands that are in most cases height adjustable and will accommodate virtually any keyboard. Keyboard stands are convenient for use in the studio, at home and of course, on stage.

Frequently Asked Questions about Keyboard Stands

Question: I have a selection of smaller effects and modules, how can I use a stand with these?
It is common for electronic musicians to use a piece of wooden board to accommodate an assortment of smaller units for performing on stage and in the studio. One of the most popular options is an MDF piece of shelving or countertop from a certain Swedish furniture warehouse, as the board is generally durable, lightweight and comes in a range of presentable finishes. Simply lay the board on top of the stand like a keyboard and arrange the modules as you'd like them on your portable desktop.
Question: Can you recommend a stool/bench to go with the stand?
The Stagg KEB-A30 is a great bench to accompany your keyboard stand. It's foldable for easy transport and height adjustable like a keyboard X style keyboard stand.