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About Strandberg Guitars

Strandberg is an innovative brand of electric guitars from the mind of Ola Strandberg. These extended range, multi-scale instruments are an excellent example of modern guitar making. Their revolutionary designs place ergonomics on a par with sound and feel to create guitars that are futuristic and visionary. Every part of the standard electric guitar has been re-thought and redesigned to be more efficient and more effective. Each element, from the 'Endurneck' neck profile to the headless design and the unique bridge, has been reassessed and built from the ground up.

Strandberg guitars are available in 6, 7 and 8 string varieties with a few key designs to pick. All models share the same principal headless design and lightweight body. They are designed with the new breed of technical player in mind from genres like instrumental metal and new prog. Several scale lengths are on offer, with many models featuring 'fanned frets' to allow for a multi-scale design. A range of pickup options are available too, allowing you to precisely pick out your optimum Strandberg instrument.

At guitarguitar, we have gotten behind Strandberg guitars in a big way. We believe in them as modern classics and have them available to try in each of our UK based guitarguitar stores.

Frequently Asked Questions about Strandberg Guitars

Strandberg guitars are based in Uppsala, Sweden and this is where their made-to-measure guitars are built. Production Strandberg guitars such as the Prog, Fusion etc have been made in Korea and China and are currently made in Indonesia.
Strandberg's patented Endurneck design was made to put your hand in the correct playing position right up the entire length of the guitar's neck. A diagonal 'square' section runs up the back of the neck to influence how your hand interacts with the neck. This may look unusual but our experience is that the Endurneck works incredibly well and is very natural. There is nothing much to get used to, you just play as normal and realise that it is extremely comfortable.
They certainly did! The Strandberg BOSS V-BDN is a Strandberg Boden guitar with BOSS technology to digitally alter tunings and instrument types. This guitar can sound like various classic electric guitars, a bass, nylon classical guitar, a sitar and even some synth sounds! The tunings are all done virtually so there is no loss of tension or intonation when you play. This guitar is one of the most futuristic instruments ever created and it is available only in very limited numbers.
Strandberg use a wide variety of top brand pickups, depending on the nature of the instrument they want to make. These include Suhr, EMG and Fishman Fluence pickups among other brands.
A multiscale guitar uses two scale lengths - one for the upper strings and another longer value for the heaviest strings. This allows for true intonation in extended range guitars and dropped tunings. For example, an 8 string guitar from Strandberg such as the Metal 8 has a scale length of 26.5" on the high E string which gradually extends to 28" on the low F#. The frets are 'fanned' - placed at angles instead of parallel - to maintain note integrity. As a result, the lower strings intonate much better due to the longer scale and the lighter strings do not need to compromise. It is worth noting that an 8 string like this has a Baritone scale length anyway, hence the 2.5" scale.