Strandberg 7 String Guitars

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About Strandberg 7 String Guitars

Strandberg guitars hail from Uppsala, Sweden. The brand creates unique guitars which feature headless, ergonomic designs.

These guitars are extremely distinctive. Their bodies have been sculpted for the ultimate in playing comfort. Their necks have the squared-off patented 'Endurneck' design. Also, their headstocks are completely missing! Strandberg offer a wide range of spec variations. However, their guitars all have this signature look and feel.

Strandberg 7 string guitars, such as their Prog 7, feature fanned frets to incorporate a gradual change in scale length. This helps the guitar stay accurately intoned and tuned across all 7 strings.

Technical players and fans of heavier styles are the target audience for Strandberg guitars. Several noteworthy players have taken up the brand as it grows from strength to strength.

As a major UK Strandberg dealer, we have a huge selection of these unique and wonderful guitars in stock and ready to play. Visit any of our UK stores to experience them yourself. You can also browse the entire range online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Strandberg 7 String Guitars

Question: What is the most popular Strandberg 7 string guitar?
The most popular Strandberg 7 string for us is the Singularity model. This is the Per Nilsson signature model and has a bold red and black swirl finish.
Question: Are Strandberg's Endurnecks comfortable to play on?
They are! They may look like they won't be but Strandberg's Endurneck design is a triumph of modern engineering. It's shape automatically puts your hand in the correct playing position right up the neck. This not only helps your playing, it helps the health of your hand and allows you to play for long periods of time.
Question: How does the multiscale concept work?
For multiscale guitars, the scale length is split between two values. It gradually alters from one value to the other across the radius of the fingerboard. The lighter strings (the high B and E, for example) have the shorter scale length. The heaviest strings (the low B on a 7 string) have the longest. This means that those low notes are travelling along a longer scale and will be a little tighter and more in tune. They will intonate better too. The lighter strings would suffer a little with the longer scale lengths and be harder to bend and so on. They have a normal scale length in order to keep their function and play-ability normal. On a guitar like the Strandberg Prog 7, the scale length goes from a standard 25.5" at the highest strings to 26.26" along the bottom. The frets are arranged in a 'fanned' position to express these.