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About Alesis Drums

Alesis drums are renowned for being the perfect blend of quality and affordability and within our large selection of Alesis electric drums, drum machines and electronic percussion pads, you will find an instrument that will more than meet your needs.

Alesis have been making drum instruments since the 1980s and have been a feature of pop music ever since. While Alesis drums were originally focused on the amazing electronic sounds that saw them featured heavily on many popular New Jack Swing and R&B songs, nowadays Alesis drums cover a wide sonic palette of sounds including both natural and processed acoustic drum and percussion samples.

Whether you're looking for a drum machine to play along to, a percussion pad to add to your acoustic drum set for hybrid percussion, or a fully electronic drum kit, guitarguitar will have the Alesis kit for you. Please browse the full selection online, or contact your local store for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions about Alesis Drums

Question: Which Alesis kit is best for learning on?
For beginners the Nitro Mesh kit is ideal. It features mesh pads for a response that play and feel just like acoustic drums and the kit allows you to add your own samples to the kit or even use the kit with music software via USB connectivity.
Question: I'm looking to play sub drops and song intro samples and use kick triggers with my acoustic kit, which machine is best?
The SamplePad 4 and SamplePad Pro both allow you to load your own samples via SD card and trigger them from their velocity sensitive pads or via an external trigger connected to your kick drum. The SamplePad Pro features twice the amount of pads as the Samplepad 4 and also allows you to use two additional drum pads and a hi-hat pad with a footswitch for open and closed sounds.
Question: I'm looking for a rhythm machine for recording some demos, what do you recommend?
Both the SR-16 and SR-18 are great for this use. The SR-16 is great for keeping things simple, while the SR-18 offers more intricate programming and effects and allows you to sequence bass synth sounds.