Alesis Electronic Drum Kits & Percussion

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About Alesis Electronic Drum Kits & Percussion

Alesis Electronic Drum Kits offer some of the best value for money when it comes to electronic drums. From drum machines like the classic SR-16, to sampling percussion pads like the Strike Multipad and SamplePad Pro, all the way up to the flagship Strike Pro SE, Alesis electric drum kits and match quality with affordability.
Alesis was formed in the mid-1980s with the intention of developing an affordable line of studio effects and hardware. Quickly becoming an industry standard, Alesis branched out with the SR-16 drum machine in 1990. The SR-16 was so successful that it is still in production to this day.
Alesis later established the ADAT protocol, a recording format that digitally printed audio onto VHS cassette. It is now more commonly used for adding inputs to an audio interface.
The brand's way of creating affordable yet cutting edge equipment has made Alesis drum kits incredibly popular with musicians.

Why Should I Choose an Alesis Electronic Drum Kit?

  • Large amount of quality audio samples built in
  • Precision triggering
  • Alesis electric drum kits are upgradable and expandable

Frequently Asked Questions about Alesis Electronic Drum Kits & Percussion

Question: What is the best Alesis drum kit?
The Strike Pro SE is Alesis' most advanced electronic drum set. With all mesh deep shell pads, including a 20"" kick drum, it looks and feels just like an acoustic drum kit. The professional level sound module includes 45,000 sampled sounds and even allows you to load in your own so you can bring your studio sound onto the stage.
Question: Are Alesis drums good for learning on?
Yes. Accurate triggering and realistic sounds make Alesis drums an ideal choice for learning on. Most Alesis kits are also eligible for 40 online drum lessons which can be redeemed when you register your drum kit on the Alesis website.
Question: Are Alesis drum kits upgradeable?
Absolutely, most drum triggers and pads use the same connection, so it is possible to replace and upgrade individual pads, for example swapping or adding a larger cymbal pad or snare drum. This also means that you could upgrade your module and use the same pads if you required more features.