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About Maton Guitars

Maton Guitars were first founded in 1946 by jazz musician, woodwork teacher and luthier Bill May, who dreamed of an Australian guitar manufacturing industry that would provide the kind of high quality instruments missing from the Australian market in those days. Over 70 years later and Maton Guitars continue to do just that, now employing over 70 people, remaining 100% family owned and producing some of the world's finest instruments for some of the world's finest guitarists including Tommy Emmanuel and Eric Johnson.

Maton acoustic guitars use many timbers to produce their largely hand made guitars. Their designs span the familiar dreadnoughts and orchestral models. They also use their own original shapes such as the EM amd Mini Maton. Their styling stands out from more traditional designs.

These guitars are popular with a wide range of guitarists, from strumming singer songwriters to percussive avant-garde soloists. Guitarists seeking high quality instruments with their own defined sense of style will love this brand.

Why Should I Choose a Maton Guitar?

  • High quality, handmade guitars
  • Built from some of the finest hand selected Australian timbers
  • Played and preferred by some of the finest guitarists and songwriters in the world
  • A wide range of models to suit any style of player

Frequently Asked Questions about Maton Guitars

Question: Where are Maton Guitars made?
Maton guitars are all made at Maton's headquarters and factory in Box Hill, Melbourne, Australia.
Question: What type of woods do Maton use?
Maton use a wide variety of woods. This includes some interesting timbers native to Australia such as Queensland Walnut, Bunya, Blackwood and Queensland Maple.
Question: How much does a Maton acoustic guitar weigh?
With a wide range of guitar styles on the roster, from small body parlour style guitars to full size dreadnoughts, Maton Guitars come in a range of weights. Contact our knowledgeable store staff or use our online chat for more advice and information.
Question: Are Maton guitars any good?
Yes, absolutely. Every facet of the construction of a Maton Guitar is overseen by their team of passionate and highly skilled craftsmen, from the selection and grading of the rough sawn Australian timbers, to the leveling and polishing of every fret, to the finishing of every inch of stunning inlay and binding.
Question: Which artists have played a Maton guitar?
A whole host of artists swear by Maton guitars, including titanic virtuosos like Tommy Emmanuel, Eric Johnson and Lari Basilio, as well as star songwriters like Keith Urban, Neil Finn and Colin Hay.