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Cort Bass Guitars

Cort guitars are a company based in Seoul, South Korea. For decades, Cort have been making extremely high quality guitars and basses, often building on behalf of other manufacturers. They are one of the biggest guitar building companies on the planet and make electric and acoustic guitars and basses. Their high level of quality at very competitive prices has helped cement their long term success.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cort Bass Guitars

The most famous Cort artist at the moment is probably Matt Bellamy, lead guitarist and vocalist for Muse. Frank Gambale and Jeff Berlin are other notable artists who endorse Cort guitars.
Active EQ circuits are able to both boost and cut certain frequencies. Most tone controls just cut the treble frequencies of the signal but these do both and are often designated as separate controls for treble, middle and bass. This means you can have a lot more control over your sound: you can sculpt frequencies more specifically in order to get the exact sound you want. These circuits are called 'active' because they require extra power to make them work. The power comes from a 9V PP3 battery, located in a compartment on the back of the instrument.