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About Bass Guitar Pickups

Bass guitar pickups are available from guitarguitar. We keep a great selection in every store from brands such as Seymour Duncan, Bare Knuckle and DiMarzio.

Replacing stock pickups in a bass is an excellent and cost-effective way to seriously upgrade the sound and response of your bass. Pick the appropriate shape for the pickup you are replacing and the new pickup will be easy to install.

At guitarguitar, we sell both passive and active bass pickups. We keep models in P and J sizes as well as larger soapbar and humbucker sizes. Visit us to learn more or see our entire range right here online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bass Guitar Pickups

If you want a thicker sound, you may want to check out something like the Seymour Duncan SJB-3B Quarter Pound Jazz Bass pickup. Although still a single coil picker, this model is very high output and delivers a thick, hot sound that is very similar to what you'd expect to hear from a humbucker.
Yes, you will certainly change the sound! Active pickups tend to be both powerful and controllable, both of which are very useful. Also, they tend to sound modern so if you have a contemporary sound, active pickups may be a great idea! Active electronics in the tone control department will also open new doors for your tone. Vintage tones may not be readily available but that fact may help state a case for another bass guitar purchase...