Expression Pedals

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About Expression Pedals

Expression pedals allow you to control other pedals hands-free. This allows for a creative, interactive experience where pedals can be subtly - or radically - adjusted in tandem with your guitar playing.

They are popular among ambient musicians for controlling reverb and delay pedals in real time. This allows them to fade between low-key settings and a cavernous, infinite wash by adjusting ‘mix’ and ‘feedback’ parameters.

Expression pedals connect to pedals using a cable called a TRS cable - also known as a balanced jack. Although these look similar to normal guitar cables, they are not the same thing.

Why Should I Choose an Expression Pedal?

  • Controls other pedals
  • Creative, interactive experience
  • Gradual, fluid change between settings

Frequently Asked Questions about Expression Pedals

Question: What type of guitar player needs an expression pedal?
Expression pedals control other pedals - often reverb and delay pedals. They are used to creatively and organically move between settings hands-free. They are popular among ambient musicians.
Question: Where should the expression pedal go in my effects chain?
Audio doesn’t pass through expression pedals, they send information to other pedals. This means you can place expression pedals wherever is most convenient as long as they have a cable long enough to connect to whichever pedal you’d like to control.
Question: Are expression pedals universal?
Most expression pedals are universal. However some of the more sophisticated modelling units - such as the Kemper Profiler - require specific expression pedals.