Stage Pianos

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About Stage Pianos

Stage Pianos are 88 key keyboards that often feature a weighted key-bed and boast high quality sampled sounds such as grand pianos, upright pianos, electric pianos, FM pianos, organs, harpsichords and orchestral strings. Stage pianos also tend to feature the larger quarter inch style jacks, which are convenient for connecting to DI boxes and mixers.

Featuring a slimmed down construction, stage pianos are able to be transported in keyboard bags and are small enough to fit in most cars. This makes them a regular feature in live performances and although they are designed with stage and theatre use in mind, these pianos are also great for use at home, recording studios and houses of worship.

Frequently Asked Questions about Stage Pianos

Some do, for example; the Yamaha P-45B and the Roland FP-90-WH. While some manufacturers don't see the necessity in including speakers as you will most likely be connecting it to a PA system, some good examples of these stage pianos are the Nord Piano 3 and Stage 3 88 and the Roland RD-2000. Some keyboards, such as the Roland FP-60, allow you to turn on or off the on board speakers when connected to a PA system.
Virtually all stage pianos feature a USB-B output so you can connect the piano to your computer. This will allow you to send MIDI note information to your DAW.
Weighted keys are different to regular portable keyboard keys in that they tend to be solid and mimic the weighted hammer action of an acoustic piano. Depending on the piano, these can be wooden, ivory effect or plastic.