Nord Stage Pianos

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About Nord Stage Pianos

Nord Stage Pianos are an industry standard among professional touring musicians. You've probably seen their distinctive red finish set up on stage before, and there's a reason they're so popular with the pros.
Each Nord stage piano is designed and handcrafted in their factory in Stockholm and must pass a series of quality assurance checks and calibration before it is boxed and dispatched. This process ensures that each and every Nord piano feels and plays exactly the same.
Nord stage pianos boast a huge library of sounds that are not just based on acoustic instruments. They also provide professional features such as seamless transitions, layering and voice splitting, as well as an 88-note Triple Sensor keybed with grand weighted action and Nord's Virtual Hammer Action Technology. It's hard to find another keyboard that's more ready for the stage than a Nord piano!
Nord stage pianos include their Electro and Stage 3 series.
Complete your Nord stage piano with a Nord keyboard case and a piano stand.

Why Should I Choose a Nord Stage Piano?

  • Huge library of sounds
  • Natural feeling keybed
  • World class build quality and design

Frequently Asked Questions about Nord Stage Pianos

Question: Why are Nord stage pianos so popular?
Because they are built to such a high standard, Nord pianos not only sound and look great, they're also incredibly reliable.
Question: Where are Nord stage pianos made?
Nord pianos are designed and manufactured in Stockholm, Sweden.
Question: What is the best Nord stage piano for beginners?
The Nord Piano 5 88 is an excellent option for beginners thanks to its realistic 88 note keyboard that feels just like an acoustic piano.