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About Nord

Nord instruments are a regular feature on stages and are played by many professional musicians, for good reason. Instantly recognisable thanks to their red casing, every Nord instrument is handmade in Sweden and has to pass an extensive quality assurance process before it is released. Nord have an amazing reputation based on their reliability, world-class sounds and user interface that omits the need for menu diving. Whether its blistering synth leads and pads, orchestral strings and beautiful pianos or electronic percussion you're looking for, Nord represents the very best in their class.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nord

Nord products are actually made by a company called Clavia who were formed in Stockholm in 1983. In 1995 Clavia released their first synthesizer, the Nord Lead, an analog synthesis emulating powerhouse. The Lead, as well as Nord's subsequent keyboards, were extremely popular. Because the products were so distinctive, the Nord name superseded the Clavia brand and although Clavia manufacture the synths, Nord is now virtually recognisable as a brand in its own right.
Nords are used by many professional musicians. Some notable Nord fans are Bryan Ferry, Jean-Michel Jarre, Deadmau5, Mic Michaeli from Europe and Jacob Collier.
'Nord' literally means 'North' in many Northern European languages.