Yamaha Stage Pianos

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About Yamaha Stage Pianos

Yamaha Stage Pianos are loved for their realistic sound and feel. Designed to offer a natural playing experience for gigging musicians, they are also a great option for those looking for an affordable and portable piano for use at home.
Yamaha has been crafting pianos for over 100 years. Each one incorporates decades of experience to give the player the best possible experience. With 88 weighted keys and a selection of high quality voices sampled at Yamaha's specialist studio, your piano will excel in any situation.
Yamaha stage pianos are compact and light enough to stick in a piano bag and take with you without compromising the sound and feel. This makes them an excellent choice for professional musicians, students and beginners.
Complete your Yamaha stage piano with a Yamaha piano stand for a home piano feel.

Why Should I Choose a Yamaha Stage Piano?

  • Studio quality voices
  • Immersive playing experience
  • Portable

Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha Stage Pianos

Question: Which Yamaha stage piano is best for beginners?
The Yamaha P-45 is our most popular stage piano with beginners. Its simple yet effective design allows for its affordable price without any compromise over quality.
Question: How many keys do Yamaha stage pianos have?
Yamaha stage pianos all feature 88 fully weighted keys, with the exception of the Yamaha YC61, which has 61 semi-weighted keys.
Question: Can I use a Yamaha stage piano with my computer?
Yes, Yamaha pianos all feature a USB MIDI connection that allows you to control your favourite software.