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Manufacturer's ID: CCP73UK

Designed for gigging keyboardists and discerning pianists, the CP73 boasts authentic acoustic/electric piano sound, realistic piano touch and an intuitive user interface.

For the gigging keyboardist, CP73 features a newly-designed, 73-key balanced action for playing a wide variety of sounds.

Standout Features

  • Newly designed 73-key Balanced Hammer keyboard
  • Top sounds in outstanding sound quality
  • Seamless Sound Switching (SSS) prevents the sound being cut off when another sound is selected
  • Waveform Memory can be updated via Firmware Update
  • Completely new, intuitive user interface
  • Assignable One Knob control
  • Portable, only 13 kg

Acoustic, electric, synthetic: always the perfect sound

The Yamaha CP73 Stage Piano stands out for its comprehensive selection of flexible, high-quality sounds. Classical pianists rejoice in the sampled reproductions of two outstanding, world-renowned grand pianos, among others: Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial. A Yamaha U1 upright piano is part of the library, too. Keyboardists find legendary electric piano sounds, ready to enhance every performance. Digital effects like wah-wah or phaser allow for further customisation the sounds. This extensive library is augmented by synthesizer sounds to achieve even more flexibility for live gigs.

Tone Generation

  • AWM2, 128 voices of polyphony
  • 57 Voices (10 Piano, 14 E-Piano, 33 Sub)
  • 160 Live-Set-Sounds (80 Presets)
  • 23 Insert Effects, 2 Delay Effects, Reverb, 3-Band-EQ

Made for musicians...

When developing the CP73 stage piano, Yamaha focussed on perfect stage compatibility. This focus is evident in the control pattern, linking every element on the instrument’s surface to exactly one function under the hood. There is no navigating of menus and submenus, every function can be controlled directly –a great advantage when adjustments need to be made quickly, reliably and intuitively in hectic live situations. Seamless Sound Switching allows for changing to a different sound while played notes still fade out. A song’s final chord can still slowly ebb away while the sound required for the next song is already loaded up.

Firmware Update v1.5

CP OS v1.5 adds two great new pianos, synth pads, strings, brass, woodwinds, guitars and more.

Hamburg Grand

This Concert Grand piano was recorded inside a German concert hall. The result is a remarkably playable, present and rich-sounding instrument. The Hamburg Grand combines qualities found in both the CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial. It has the solid fundamental tone I love about the CFX, making it present when combined with other instruments. It stands out in a band, allowing you to be heard when comping or soloing without being overly cutting. At the same time, the Hamburg Grand has a nice resonant quality like the Bösendorfer Imperial. This makes it a nice choice for solo piano or more spacious and ambient genres. Simply put, this is a great addition to the CP73/88 Stage Pianos.

You’ll now have four different concert grand pianos to choose from: Hamburg Grand, CFX, Imperial, and CF3. Along with the character-rich Nashville C3, the specially voiced Live CF3 and two 7’6” grand pianos, the C7 and S700, OS v1.5 offers a room full of grand pianos suitable for any style of music.

Felt Piano U1

A Felt Piano is a specific sound created by adding additional layers of felt between the hammers and the strings. This creates a soft, delicate and intimate sound. Felt Pianos are popular, and you’ll hear them in film scores, ambient musical styles and jazz. The Felt U1 was created in collaboration with Steinberg using a special robot named “OSCAR”, or “Optimized Sample Computed Automatic Recording”. OSCAR physically plays each not on the piano precise velocity levels during the recording process. The result are perfectly even velocity layers that deliver the smooth response of the Felt U1. It’s extraordinarily responsive, with a deep rich sound in the low register and a full, enveloping character throughout the entire range. The Felt U1 has a serious cinematic quality. It very useful in this context, but it’s also a fine alternative when accompanying a vocalist works well when layered with electric pianos and pads. It can be used when creating looping textures with the delay. New SUB Section Sounds, 8 New Live Sets

The Hamburg Grand and the Felt U1 are the stars of CP OS v1.5, but there are also 19 new Sub Section Voices:

  • Pads: Dark Light, Digi Pad
  • Ensemble and Solo Strings: Lite Strings, Unison Str, Violin, Cello
  • Accordion: Musette
  • Guitars: 12 Str Gtr, Clean Gtr 2
  • Brass: Syn Brass 3, Horn
  • Woodwinds: Sax Section, Soprano Sax, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Bari Sax
  • Synth Leads: Soft Square, Calliope Lead
  • Synth Bass: 1o1 Bass


Inputs + Outputs

  • Headphones Output
  • L+R Line Outputs
  • L+R XLR Outputs
  • L+R Line Inputs
  • 2x Foot Controller Inputs
  • Sustain Pedal Input
  • Assignable Pedal Input
  • MIDI In + Out
  • USB to Host Connection
  • USB to Device Connection

Size + Weight

  • Dimensions: 1,086 x 355 x 144 mm
  • Weight: 13.1kg

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