Strandberg 8 String Guitars

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About Strandberg 8 String Guitars

Strandberg guitars hail from Uppsala, Sweden. The brand creates unique guitars which feature headless, ergonomic designs.

These guitars are extremely distinctive. Their bodies have been sculpted for the ultimate in playing comfort. Their necks have the squared-off patented 'Endurneck' design. Also, their headstocks are completely missing! Strandberg offer a wide range of spec variations. However, their guitars all have this signature look and feel.

Strandberg 8 string guitars, like their Boden Original 8 for example, feature fanned frets to incorporate a gradual change in scale length. This is referred to as 'multiscale' and helps the guitar stay accurately intoned and tuned across all 8 strings.

Technical players and fans of heavier styles are the target audience for Strandberg guitars. Several noteworthy players have taken up the brand as it grows from strength to strength.

As a major UK Strandberg dealer, we have a huge selection of these unique and wonderful guitars in stock and ready to play. Visit any of our UK stores to experience them yourself. You can also browse the entire range online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Strandberg 8 String Guitars

Question: What scale multiscale lengths do Strandberg's 8 string guitars use?
For their 8 string guitars, Strandberg adopt a multiscale of 26.5"-28".
Question: Strandberg guitars use stainless steel frets. What is the benefit of stainless steel over nickel?
Stianless steel is fantastic for making fretwire because, basically, it doesn't wear out. Stainless steel frets last for decades without taking on any nicks, grooves or wear of any significant kind.