Flatwound Bass Strings

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About Flatwound Bass Strings

Flatwound Bass Strings offer the player a unique and very different range of harmonic content and tonal possibilities in their playing, with minimal adjustments. Flatwound bass guitar strings, just like flatwound guitar strings, are built around the same core wire as round wound strings, but with a flattened metal wrap wire. The net result is a string with a flat playing surface that feels smoother boasts a warmer, more old school tone that's perfect for jazz, Motown and R&B styles. This flat profile also makes flatwound strings great for fretless basses as the smoother surface doesn't dig into the lightly finished or unfinished fingerboard wood.

Flatwound strings have found a home with modern players across a range of styles, and are available in short scale and full length scale sets, from classic 4 string to full on extended range sets, delivering longer playing life, greater sustain and a completely different harmonic content for the player to explore.

Why Should I Choose Flatwound Bass Strings?

  • True vintage, old school tone
  • Perfect for jazz, R&B and Motown styles
  • Fantastic playing surface feel
  • Especially safe for fretless fingerboards

Frequently Asked Questions about Flatwound Bass Strings

Question: What are flatwound bass strings?
Flatwound Bass Strings are strings consisting of a metal wire core, wrapped with flat profiled metal giving a smooth playing surface, as opposed to the grooved playing surface of a roundwound string.
Question: What are flatwound bass strings good for?
Flatwound Bass Strings are great for styles calling for a warmer, more upright-bass-adjacent, more old school tone like classic R&B, Motown, and jazz. They're also excellent for fretless basses as the flat profile string causes less impact on the fretless wooden fingerboard.
Question: Are flatwounds harder to play?
Not at all! In fact some find them easier on the fingers thanks to the flat profile, as opposed to the grooved surface of roundwound strings.
Question: Did Paul McCartney play flatwound strings?
Paul McCartney almost certainly used flatwound strings in the earliest days of his career, giving his records that iconic warm, rounded bass tone.
Question: Did George Harrison use flatwounds?
It's most likely that George Harrison used flatwound strings, at least for the earliest period of his career, as roundwound strings weren't developed until the mid 1960s.