Gibson Guitar Strings

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About Gibson Guitar Strings

Gibson guitar strings bring you the very strings approved by the Gibson guitar company. Available in a range of gauges and styles of acoustic and electric strings, Gibson strings represent the natural choice for keeping your Gibson guitar sounding every bit as good as they day you first opened the case!

Why Should I Choose Gibson Guitar Strings?

  • Fantastic strings with great sound
  • Built to Gibson's expected level of quality
  • The very strings utilised in the Gibson factories

Frequently Asked Questions about Gibson Guitar Strings

Question: Are Gibson guitar strings any good?
Yes, absolutely. Like anything stamped with the Gibson name, Gibson guitar strings are designed by experts and manufactured to stringent quality levels to deliver the maximum tone. And of course, Gibson guitar strings adorn every Gibson guitar leaving the factory!
Question: Does Gibson still make guitar strings?
Yes they do, and they adorn every electric or acoustic guitar that leaves the Gibson factory.
Question: What kind of Gibson strings comes with their guitars?
Which strings are on which guitar, varies with the type of guitar. Gibson USA electrics are fitted with Gibson Brite Wire 'Reinforced' Electric Guitar Strings, Custom Shop electrics feature Gibson Vintage Reissue Electric Guitar Strings, while Custom Shop archtops feature Gibson Flatwound Electric Guitar Strings. There are specific strings for Gibson's Acoustic and Bass models too.