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About Marshall Pedals

Marshall Pedals build upon the company's reputation for legendary sounds and tough builds with their great range of stompboxes. These pedals produce many of the great drive and distortion sounds that Marshall is famous for alongside some tasteful and useful modulation sounds and ambient effects. Pedals like the Bluesbreaker, Guv'nor, and Shredmaster demonstrate why Marshall have the most sought after tones in Rock. Housed in small footprint, thick metal casing, these pedals will go the distance with you on tour and in the studio. If you are looking to enhance your existing rig or find your ideal guitar tone then Marshall pedals are an excellent choice to have on your pedal board. From Blues to Rock and Metal styles, they can cover a lot of tonal ground.

Why Should I Choose a Marshall Pedal?

  • Achieve iconic gain tones from pedals like the Bluesbreaker
  • Very easy to use
  • Built to last even the longest of tours

Frequently Asked Questions about Marshall Pedals

Question: Are Marshall pedals any good?
Yes! Marshall pedals have an iconic sound are made to very high standards, making them the choice of guitar legends such as John Mayer.
Question: I am looking for a classic Marshall drive sound that isn't necessarily Metal sounding. Do Marshall make a pedal I can use?
Yes, we think you'll get the sound you're looking for with the Guv'nor Plus. It will give you a full throated Marshall roar without being as breezeblock heavy as the Jackhammer.
Question: What type of effect is the Marshall Vibratrem?
It's actually two: the Marshall Vibratrem has a mode for Vibrato and another for Tremolo. Both effects are ostensibly similar but reach their sound in different ways: vibrato is a raising and lowering of pitch whilst tremolo is the raising and lowering of volume.
Question: Where are Marshall pedals made?
Marshall pedals such as the Bluesbreaker, Guv'nor, and Shredmaster are made in England to a very high quality.
Question: Which guitarists use a Marshall pedal?
John Mayer, Gilby Clarke and Gary Moore are amongst the many guitarists to use a Marshall pedal.
Question: What pedals do Marshall produce?
Marshall pedals include the Bluesbreaker, Guv'nor, and Shredmaster. These are all excellent pedals for adding gain to your guitar tone.