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Yamaha Synthesizers

Yamaha synthesizers are loved for their intuitive approach to synthesis. From their award-winning Reface synths to the powerful MX series, Yamaha brings musicality to their instruments like no one else can.

There are many Yamaha synths that are among the greatest of all time, legends that each changed the face of music. To honour this legacy, Yamaha created the Reface series. The Reface series features 4 iconic Yamaha synthesizers reimagined in a portable form with mini keys and built-in speakers. Included in the lineup are reinterpreted versions of the classic CS-80 and DX7 synthesizers. Our favourite in this series is the DX. During its release, the groundbreaking DX7 was the best selling synthesizer of all time. We love the reimagined version which captures the essence of the sound but offers a more intuitive user interface.

The MX series is a unique approach to synthesis. Designed as a bridge between a synthesizer and MIDI controller, these synths are an excellent option for both professional musicians and beginners. Putting a strong emphasis on huge sound libraries and easy DAW integration, we love this innovative approach that offers impressive value for money.


Why Should I Choose a Yamaha Synthesizer?

  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Excellent build quality
  • Intuitive user interface

Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha Synthesizers

Question: Where are Yamaha synthesizers made?
Yamaha synthesizers are designed in Japan and manufactured in China.
Question: Which Yamaha synthesizer is best for beginners?
If you're looking to learn synthesis, the Reface CS is an excellent option. It features an easy to understand set of controls for creating new sounds.
Question: Can I use a Yamaha synthesizer as a MIDI controller?
Yes, Yamaha keyboards all feature a USB MIDI connection for controlling your favourite music software.