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Yamaha Synthesizers

Yamaha have been synthesizer pioneers since they first released the SY-1 back in 1974 and over the years Yamaha have launched many iconic synthesizers, including the CS-80, DX7, CS01, CS1x and the Motif. Yamaha have continued this pioneering trend into their Montage and MOX keyboards, and even offer a nod to each of the iconic CS-80 and DX7 synths in their compact Reface series.

Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha Synthesizers

Question: Do all Yamaha Synthesizers have full sized keys?
With the exception of the portable Reface range which feature mini keys, all Yamaha synthesizers feature full sized keys.
Question: Can Yamaha Synths run on batteries?
Only the Yamaha Reface synthesizers can run on batteries.
Question: Do Yamaha make Analogue synths?
Yamaha left behind analogue synthesizes a long time ago, however, synths like the Reface CS and Montage feature virtual analogue technology which is near indistinguishable from the real thing.