Yamaha PSR

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Yamaha PSR

Yamaha PSR series of portable keyboards are renowned for their quality sound and reliability, packed full of great voices, rhythms and accompaniments, Yamaha PSRs are the keyboard most beginners start out on and are ideal for use in the home, at rehearsals and on stage.

Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha PSR

Question: Do Yamaha PSR keyboards have touch sensitive keys?
Virtually all of the PSR range feature touch sensitive keys, the only exception being the entry level PSR-E263.
Question: Do Yamaha PSR keyboards have full sized keys?
Yes, all PSR keyboards feature full sized synth action keys.
Question: How many keys do I need?
All of our Yamaha PSR keyboards feature 61 keys, this is enough for most 2 handed playing, however, if you think you do require more octaves on your keyboard, you may wish to look at the Yamaha NP-32B or P-45.
Question: Do Yamaha PSR keyboards come with lessons?
The only PSR keyboard that doesn't feature lessons is the professional level PSR-A3000, all of the others offer on board lessons.