Yamaha Piaggero

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Yamaha Piaggero

The Yamaha Piaggero is a range of portable keyboards with a simple design and excellent playability. They have a great selection of voices with AWM Stereo Sampling and also benefit from a Record feature to capture your playing. The Yamaha Piaggero is perfect for taking to a friend's house or to lessons thanks to its lightweight design. This is reflected in the Piaggero name which is a combination of "piano" and "leggero" (Italian for "light"). The Yamaha Piagerro range is a great option for beginners looking to learn and professionals seeking an extremely portable instrument with great feel.

Why Should I Choose a Yamaha Piaggero?

  • Incredibly easy to use thanks to its simple design
  • An excellent selection of high-quality voices
  • Easy to transport due to its lightweight construction and battery power option

Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha Piaggero

Question: What kind of sounds does a Yamaha Piaggero have?
Yamaha Piaggero keyboards stick to a less is more approach, focussing on higher quality over quantity, key voices include; acoustic and electric pianos, organs, orchestral strings and harpsichords.
Question: What does Piaggero mean?
Piaggero is a lyrical combination of "piano" and "leggero" - Italian for "light"
Question: What is Yamaha Piaggero?
The Yamaha Piaggero is a range of portable keyboards with a simple design that provides all you need for a highly enjoyable and rewarding playing experience.
Question: Is Yamaha Piaggero any good?
Yes, the Yamaha Piaggero range is very good thanks to its selection of realistic voices and portable design.
Question: Does Yamaha Piaggero have weighted keys?
The Yamaha Piaggero does not have weighted keys but still plays very well, plus the NP-32 model benefits from Graded Soft Touch keys.