Casio Portable Keyboards

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About Casio Portable Keyboards

Casio Portable Keyboards are packed full of great sounds and rhythms and host a fantastic range of other features including velocity sensitive semi-weighted keys, on board lessons and smartphone connectivity. Offering a simple user interface, without the complexity of larger keyboards and synthesizers, Casio portable keyboards are ideal for beginners and hobbyist players and have been many professional keyboarders' first keyboard.

Why Should I Choose a Casio Portable Keyboard?

  • Huge built-in sound library
  • Feature packed
  • Ideal for beginners and experienced players

Frequently Asked Questions about Casio Portable Keyboards

Question: How many keys do Casio portable keyboards have?
Casio portable keyboards have 61 full sized keys that are semi-weighted and touch sensitive.
Question: Can I use a Casio portable keyboard to control my software instruments?
Yes you can, simply connect from the USB port on the back of the Casio to your computer, select the Casio as your MIDI controller within your software instrument or DAW preferences and you're ready to rock.