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About Casio

Casio are world renowned for their great quality pianos and portable keyboards that are both reliable and affordable. Casio pianos offer high quality samples of acoustic and electric pianos, as well as other instruments including vibraphones, orchestral strings and pipe organs. Most models feature ivory effect keys to prevent stickiness and slipping during performance.

Casio have been making portable keyboards since the late 70s. In fact, they were the first company to manufacture an all-digital keyboard and saw most major manufacturers follow suit shortly afterwards. Casio keyboards feature a wide range of sounds and rhythms, and are perfect for both absolute beginners and more experienced players. All of our Casio keyboards and pianos come with FREE online keyboard lessons!

Frequently Asked Questions about Casio

Casio Computer Co. Ltd. was formed in 1947 in Tokyo by Kazuo Kashio. Their first product was a finger ring with a small pipe used for holding a cigarette. Shortly after Casio entered the electronics market when they started manufacturing calculators.
All of our Casio portable keyboards feature 61 keys, while all Casio pianos have 88 keys.
Yes, Casio keyboards and pianos feature a USB so you can connect to a computer and use your keyboard to control your favourite music software.