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About Samplers

Hardware samplers allow you to record or "sample" sections of audio which can then be altered, repitched and sequenced. The use of samples in music is now the norm and there are very few recordings today that don't feature samples. From metal to hip hop and electro to jazz, sampled audio is everywhere.

The appeal of hardware samplers is that they can be the hub of your creative process. They allow you to step away from the computer for a more hands-on approach. Samplers like Akai Professional's MPC samplers and Native Instruments Maschine+ not only sample audio, they are fully formed music workstations. With built-in effects, large sound libraries and MIDI sequencing, whole musical compositions can be arranged using samples. Even external synthesizers can be sequenced.

This fully hardware approach to music not only works great for composing, but also makes live performance a much more intuitive and reassuring process. You no longer have to worry about your laptop crashing because it's decided to do an update during your set. Your sampler sequencer only has one job and it won't spring any surprises on you when you need to get an idea down or you're in front of an audience.


Why Should I Choose a Sampler?

  • Create music away from your computer
  • Add sampled audio to your live set
  • Sequence modular synths and drum machines

Frequently Asked Questions about Samplers

Question: What kinds of music can be made with samplers?
While early samplers were ridiculously expensive, making them exclusive to prog rock and experimentalist noodlers, samplers are now used in many genres of music. Metal bands like Megadeth and Deftones regularly use samplers as part of their live performances for adding transitions and extra textures to their music, while hip hop and electro acts like Prodigy and Lil Nas X use hardware samplers as the backbone of their performance. If you need to sequence music or play audio clips, a hardware sampler could be a great addition to your set-up.
Question: How much memory does a hardware sampler have?
Most samplers do have a generous amount of built-in memory. This can be expanded by using an SD card or USB hard drive, ensuring you have more than enough memory for your needs.
Question: Can I use a hardware sampler with a MIDI keyboard?
Most hardware samplers will allow you to connect a MIDI keyboard via USB so you create multi-sampled instruments you can play with the keyboard.
Question: Do hardware samplers come preloaded with sounds?
While you can sample any sound you like, most samplers come with large sound libraries to choose from and often have preset drum kits and projects so you can jump straight into making music.