Roland Samplers

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About Roland Samplers

Roland samplers are loved for their intuitive design that works like a catalyst for your creativity. From being inspired with new ideas to completing full compositions, your Roland sampler will be with you every step of the way.

It's easy to build songs using sampled sound with your Roland sampler. Each machine features a selection of classic Roland sounds plus it's easy to load in your own via SD card. Samples can then be sequenced into rhythms and loops to build new pieces of music. These can then be mixed and tweaked into a professional sounding result.

If you're looking for a more hands on aproach to making electronic music, Roland samplers have everything you need to get started.


Why Should I Choose a Roland Sampler?

  • Excellent sample library and easy to load in your own sounds
  • Make music away from your computer
  • Great performance tool for use on stage and in the studio

Frequently Asked Questions about Roland Samplers

Question: Do Roland samplers have built in effects?
Yes, inside each Roland sampler you will find a collection of quality effects, including: chorus, delay, reverb, compression and EQ.
Question: What styles of music can I make with a Roland sampler?
The beauty of a sampler is its ability to play back any sound you like. This has made samplers a useful tool in many genres of music including hip-hop, electro, pop, rock and even jazz.
Question: Do I need an amp for a Roland sampler?
Roland samplers don't have built-in speakers. You will need headphones, speakers or an amp so you can monitor your music.