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About Boss Drum Machines

Boss Drum Machines offer some of the most famous drum machine sounds in history alongside realistic samples of acoustic kits. Roland, sister brand to Boss, defined the drum machine in the early 80s with the TR-808 and 909 units whose sounds are still the most used in electronic music. Boss use these great sounds alongside countless high quality samples and present them in a package that is easy to program. Whether you opt for one of the Dr Rhythm drum machines or indeed the Roland Aira TR-8, you'll have easy access to all of the must-have drum sounds. If you need drums, percussion and bass sounds to jam along with, there are models for that too.

Frequently Asked Questions about Boss Drum Machines

Question: Is it okay to play my drum machine through my guitar amp?
Yes, why not? You will lose some fidelity and some low end but you will make up for it with some excellently gritty drum sounds! Go for it! In all seriousness, it is unlikely to adversely affect your amp but it is maybe better to source some type of flat response speaker or sound dock to get more of a natural sound for your drum machine sounds.
Question: Are Boss drum machines good for practicing guitar or bass along to?
Definitely. Learning the fundamentals of timing is something that all musicians need to do. Any Boss drum machine will allow you to either use preset patterns or programme your own grooves in order to have something satisfying to play along to. Relatively simple devices such as the DR-3 still give you first class drum sounds, easy options for building up tracks and bass-line accompaniment so there is every reason to upgrade your timing skills right now with a Boss Dr Rhythm drum machine!
Question: I'm looking for something to jam along to with my guitar. Which drum machine from Boss should I choose?
We think you'll get the most fun out of the Boss DR-880. This comprehensive machine has realistic sounding drum kits with loads of great drum grooves and patterns to play along with as well as bass-lines for a more convincing 'band' experience. You can easily get some simple composition happening with a touch of a button too. Plug your guitar (and your headphones!) directly in to experience some COSM-quality amp and effect sounds! It's a perfect practice partner for sure.