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About Roland Drum Machines

Roland drum machines have been some of the most groundbreaking electronic instruments of the last 40 years, machines like the TR-808 and TR-909 alone have acted as the backbone of multiple electro and hip-hop genres and the Roland TR-8 and TR-8S distill the essence of these iconic rhythm machines down to offer great sounds with advanced sequencing, audio sculpting and modern effects. The TR-8S also boost sampling capabilities to allow you to import sounds from other machines or create your own drum samples to craft your own custom drum machine.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Roland Drum Machines

Question: What is Scatter?
Scatter is a feature of the TR-8 and TR-8S which chops up your pattern to create a unique drum fills, simply trigger the scatter and it will drop in the fill at the next relevant place.
Question: The sounds from which classic machines are on the TR-8?
The TR-8 features the TR-808 and TR-909 recreated with eerie precision and also features some other kits unique to the TR-8. Expansion packs are also available direct from Roland, like the 7X7 expansion, which features the sounds from the awesome TR-707 and TR-727 machines.
Question: What is ACB?
Roland Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) is a digital recreation of an analogue circuit. By accurately recreating the sound and interaction of each individual component of an electrical circuit, Roland has been able to replicate the sound of a machine and how the sound of the machine evolves as you tweak the controls.