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About Korg Drum Machines

Korg drum machines combine simplicity with functionality to offer amazing sound quality with an exceptionally efficient workflow. Volca machines including Beats and Kick offer production ready analog synthesis with optimum tweakability, perfect for electro, techno and pop music.

Electribe machines such as the EMX2 and ESX2 offer in-depth multi channel sequencing and sound editing, as well as touch sensitive pads, making them ideal for hip hop, R&B, drum and bass, electro and pop production. Finally the Korg KR range is designed to make finding rhythmic accompaniments as easy as possible. Simply select the tempo and genre you'd like and you're good to go!

Korg have been making drum machines for over 50 years and use that experience to create some of the finest machines available today. Why not visit a guitarguitar store today and see what drum machines are available, our staff are happy to help you find the correct drum machine for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Korg Drum Machines

Question: Which Korg drum machine is best for busking?
The KR-55 has been designed with busking in mind. Not only can it run on batteries, it allows you to plug 2 instruments and one microphone into it so you can use the machine as a mixer. Another great feature is the ability to use a foot switch to switch rhythms and trigger fills for transitions within a song. The drum sounds on the KR55 are excellent, essentially it sounds just like a real drummer is playing and offers the same versatility as a real drummer while being more compact and reliable.
Question: Can I sync Volca drums with my other Volca synths?
Yes, Volca's are generally supplied with a sync cable allowing you to lock their tempos together.
Question: Have Korg really been making drum machines for over 50 years?
They have! Their first rhythm machine was the Donca-Matic DA-20, released under the Keio name back in 1963. 4 years later the iconic Korg Mini Pops arrived, which has been used by major artists including Jean-Michel Jarre, Aphex Twin and Air.