Korg Drum Machines

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About Korg Drum Machines

Korg drum machines are made in many different styles, with machines tailored for many different types of musicians. This includes the KR line geared towards solo performers looking for pre-programmed rhythms, the Volca range for experimentalists, and the producer friendly Electribe collection. To this day, Korg continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with a drum machine.

Why Should I Choose a Korg Drum Machine?

  • Studio quality sounds
  • Easy to program
  • Lightweight and portable

Frequently Asked Questions about Korg Drum Machines

Question: Which Korg drum machine is easiest to use?
The KR Mini is one of the simplest drum machines we've seen. Designed to suit musicians who only need a beat for playing over, the KR Mini features a range of pre programmed beats that can be chained into songs. It's an affordable machine that is intuitive even for technophobes.
Question: What Korg drum machines are good for making electro?
The Volca beats is an analog machine that is influenced by classic machines from the 1980s. It's programmed via step sequencing just like classic 80s machines and features a selection of great minimal sounds that can be tuned and tweaked.
Question: Are there any Korg drum machines that cater for more than drums?
The Electribe EMX2 is a powerful production machine that's great for producing whole pieces of music. It has a powerful synth engine that works great for techno and drum and bass.