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About Korg

Korg have been a leading brand in the world of electronic instruments for over 40 years. Masters of both digital and analogue hardware, Korg have produced some of the best selling and most reputable keyboards, synthesizers and drum machines of all time.

Initially manufacturers of organs and rhythm boxes, Korg quickly expanded into the synthesizer market and over the following decades cemented a reputation as one of the most influential instrument manufacturers in the world. Synthesizers including the MS-20, Polysix, M1, Wavestation and microKORG brought new technology which has been emulated by many and featured instantly recognisable sounds from the pop hits we all know and love.

Our Korg range features the flagship Kronos workstation keyboards, PA arranger keyboards, analog synthesizers such as the Monologue and Prologue, the legendary microKORG keyboards, USB MIDI keyboard controllers, drum machines and much more. Please browse the full range online or contact your local guitarguitar store to arrange a demo.


Why Should I Choose Korg?

  • Leading Brand In Electronic Instruments
  • High-Quality and Reliable
  • Massive Range of Different Products
  • Decades of Providing Industry Leading Equipment

Frequently Asked Questions about Korg

Question: Have Korg always made keyboards?
Korg began in 1962 and initially manufactured primitive drum machines. After a few years manufacturing keyboard organs and finding the market had become saturated, Korg decided to expand into the relatively new synthesizer market.
Question: Where does the name Korg come from?
Korg combines the last initial of each of its founders Tsutomu Katoh and Tadashi Osanai, "KO", with the beginning word "Organ", to make the name KORG.