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About Korg microKORG

Upon it's release almost 20 years ago, the Korg microKORG reinvigorated rock and pop music. Used by everyone from The Prodigy to Duran Duran, the microKORG is one the best selling synthesizers of all time! The Korg microKORG pioneered analog modelling technology to create a synth that had all of the vibe of an analog machine, but with the reliability of a digital instrument, plus more features than is possible to fit into an analog machine of the same size.

Throughout the 2000s the sound of the microKORG was all over the radio and remains in constant use to this day! Part of the Korg microKORG's charm is its simplicity; it's easy to navigate through and figure out how it works just by pressing buttons and twisting knobs. For this reason it's many youger musicians' first synthesizer, yet it won the hearts of experienced musicians and producers, envigorating a burst of creativity!

Most professional musicians still own a microKORG, so if you're looking for your first synth, or just a powerful instrument to inspire new ideas, why not join the microKORG family!

Why Should I Choose a Korg microKORG?

  • Excellent analog style sounds
  • Easy and fun to work with
  • Features one of the best vocoders around

Frequently Asked Questions about Korg Microkorg

Question: What's the difference between Korg microKORG and microKORG S?
The microKORG S is an expanded version of the original microKORG. In addition to its updated white finish, microKORG S offers more sounds, presets and user patches, plus new features like a built-in speaker system and a favourite select function.
Question: Is the MicroKorg an analog synth?
All of the MicroKorgs are digital, but use analog modelling technology to recreate the nuances of analogue hardware while offering the reliability, ease of use and price of a digital synthesizer.
Question: Do I need an amp for a microKORG?
Yes. Unless you're happy using headphones or the built-in speakers on the microKORG S, you will need something to amplify your sound, especially in a band setting.
Question: Is the Korg microKORG a good synth?
Yes! The MicroKORG is one of the best selling synths of all time for a reason. It's easy to operate, yet extremely powerful.
Question: What does a microKORG do?
The microKORG takes what made different analog synths in the 70s great and distils them down into a compact instrument. With tone sculpting that works in the same way to analog synthesis, plus sequencing and a vocoder, the microKORG has a lot to offer for an easy to understand synth.