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About Korg Microkorg

The Korg MicroKorg is now approaching legendary status after being in production for over 15 years. An essential piece of equipment that most electronic musicians have owned at some point, the MicroKorg has become one of the best selling synthesizers of all time. The key behind the MicroKorg's success is the analogue modelling technology. Used to realistically recreate the sound of classic analog synthesizers, these sounds have been packed into a compact and fun synthesizer package which features mini keys. Users of the MicroKorg are then able to tweak, save and create their own sounds via an easy to understand interface.

The original MicroKorg is still in production while many variations including the MicroKorg S and XL+ are also available. These versions each bring their own unique features to the MicroKorg format. The MicroKorg's portability and simplicity make it the perfect first synth. That said, the Microkorg is also a serious piece of hardware and is much-loved by professional musicians. Some famous users of the MicroKorg include: The Prodigy, LCD Soundsystem, Devo, Jean-Michel Jarre, Duran Duran, The Pet Shop Boys, Calvin Harris, Enter Shikari, The Killers and Ariana Grande.

Frequently Asked Questions about Korg Microkorg

Question: How many keys does the MicroKorg have?
The MicroKorg features 37 touch sensitive mini keys. These keys are narrower than those on a standard keyboard, aiding the keyboard's portability.
Question: Is the MicroKorg an analog synth?
All of the MicroKorgs are digital, but use analog modelling technology to recreate the nuances of analogue hardware while offering the reliability, ease of use and price of a digital synthesizer.
Question: What's the difference between the different Microkorgs?
While being different in appearance, The XL+ also features sounds from other keyboards, including the SGproX piano, the M1 and the VOX organ. The microKORG S boasts an expanded memory with many more sounds, as well as built-in speakers.