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About Korg Monologue

The Korg Monologue follows on from the phenomenal success of the Miniliogue. This new version may be monophonic and smaller in size, but is packed full of features which are truly unique to this synth alone in the world of analogue synthesis. Korg worked closely with electro legend Aphex Twin (Richard D. James) to develop the Monologue and at his request implemented microtonal tuning. Microtuning allows specific detailed pitches outside of the standard 12 note octave to be mapped to the keyboard keys. The Monologue not only allows you to create your own microtuned scales, but features scales created by Aphex Twin himself. In addition to this, Mr James has created some amazing synth voices and sequences for you to use, mangle and make your own.

The Monologue is available in a range of colours and is one of the most versatile analog synths on the market today. It allows in depth creative control of your sounds, from serene glassy voices, to big fat dirty beast-like sounds, all of which make it an ideal synth for anyone from absolute beginners to megamind analords like Aphex Twin himself.

Frequently Asked Questions about Korg Monologue

Question: How portable is the Monologue?
The Monologue is very portable. Not only is it the same size as many laptop computers, it can also be powered via 6 AA batteries.
Question: Can I use the Monologue as a controller keyboard?
Absolutely, it can be connected to your computer via USB and used to control any software synths you have. In addition to this, the Monologue can be used to control other hardware synths via its 5-Pin MIDI and 3.5mm sync connections.
Question: What is microtuning?
Microtuning is a process which allows the implementation of microtones (intervals smaller than a semitone) to an instrument in place of the piano standard 12 note scale. Microtone tunings are popular in world (especially eastern) music and have been explored by composers including Harry Partch, Wendy Carlos, Radiohead and Aphex Twin.