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About ZVEX Pedals

Zvex are a famous boutique pedal brand from the US. Z Vex was started by Zachary Vex. His pedal designs have gone on to be not only popular but influential on many subsequent pedal makers.

This brand is renowned for its highly eccentric pedal designs. The Zvex Fuzz Factory, a very over-the-top fuzz, has become something of a modern classic. Other Zvex effects are similarly left-of-center, something which has gained them a great deal of fans.

Zvex make a wide variety of effects. Fuzz, distortion, phaser, tremolo, looper, booster, octave and even step sequencer pedals are all up for grabs!

At guitarguitar, we have been fans of Zvex pedals from the very beginning. We always keep a superb selection of these effects in stock. Call in to your local store to check out our Zvex range and have a try of any that catch your eye! You can also browse the entire collection here online.

Frequently Asked Questions about ZVEX Pedals

Question: What is the Zvex Vexter range?
Zvex's Vexter range is a selection of models that are available with a silk screened paint design. This is opposed to the usual Zvex hand-painted finishes, making the Vexter range more affordable. Everything else about the pedal: the construction, the parts and the controls (not to mention the sound!) are identical to the more expensive hand-painted pedals.