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About Bourgeois Guitars

Bourgeois guitars are a boutique acoustic guitar company from the USA. Bourgeois guitars offer a range of models based on the classic styles and shapes of heritage American guitar brands. All are made to the highest possible standards. From Parlour guitars to Jumbos, Bourgeois guitars have a model to suit all players. This includes 000, Orchestral and a range of Dreadnoughts among others.

Dana Bourgeois began building in the 80s with some innovative cutaway OM acoustic guitar shapes. This influenced other guitar makers to create OM guitars. The brand Bourgeois guitars came into being in 1992 and has been a defiantly small team of hands on builders ever since. In Dana's own words: “Balance, responsiveness, tonal complexity and clarity: This is what I want out of every guitar.”

Bougeois guitars are played by high profile artists such as Ray LaMontagne, Ricky Skaggs, Monte Pittman and Duke Robillard.

We love Bourgeois guitars and are proud to stock them in our UK guitarguitar stores. Have a browse of our entire Bourgeois stock on the site here or visit one of our stores to try one out in person.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bourgeois Guitars

Question: Is it true that Bourgeois guitars have detachable necks?
Yes, indeed they do! Bourgeois use a bolt-on technique to allow for easy resetting of the neck. This is something that generally doesn't need to happen for decades but when it does, it's a benefit to be able to easily reset the neck. Wood moves and thin guitar tops stretch over time, especially under the levels of tension that acoustic guitars deal with. Bolt-on neck joins do not affect the tone in any way. Dana Bougeois himself can attest to this: "By the way, there's an urban myth that bolt-on necks don't sound as good as dovetailed necks. If you can hear the difference, you have better ears than Ricky Skaggs. The trick is to get a good, solid neck fit, whether the neck is fastened with glue or with bolts. You'd be surprised how many makers use the bolt-on neck design.