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About Blackstar Pedals

Blackstar Pedals offer a flexible and cost effective way to add some Blackstar drive to your own rig. Available in a range of increasingly intense flavours, pedal ranges such as the LT Compact Series offer you a potent tone in a reliable package. The Dept 10 pedals build on the award winning foundation that the Blackstar HT pedal range has created. The Dept 10 range features completely redesigned tones that run at over 200 volts just like an amp. They also feature a newly designed cabinet emulation, "CabRig", which offers incredibly realistic tones that can be recorded straight to a DAW or even go to the front of house mix at a gig. The Dept 10 range can be used as a pedal or as a stand alone amp depending on your style.

Blackstar pedals like the Dept 10 Dual Drive packs your valve amp tone into a single stompbox. With a simple valve interface, you have instant access to incredible tones that deliver incredible detail to your sound. The Dept 10 is also pedal board friendly and offers easy integration to your setup thanks to its effects loop and dedicated cab rig output, and is even host to a low latency USB output that delivers audio connectivity to your favourite music software. The Dept 10 truly is one of the most advanced valve pedals available and you're sure to love its dual drive organic tone.

A variety of gain styles are served: light and expressive overdrives mesh with muscular and textured distortions and all-out high gain assault. The Blackstar distortions are very responsive to playing dynamics and the pedals themselves have effective, well thought out controls to allow you freedom to sculpt out your own personal tone.

Why Should I Choose a Blackstar Pedal?

  • Built from years of real amp design experience
  • Authentic valve tones
  • Wide range of tones from British to American
  • Versatile workflow
  • Full amp experience offered in pedal format
  • Runs on a standard 9V power supply

Frequently Asked Questions about Blackstar Pedals

Question: Are Blackstar pedals any good?
Yes, Blackstar pedals pack their iconic amp sounds into a pedalboard friendly format.
Question: What are Blackstar pedals good for?
Blackstar pedals are great for accessing authentic vintage amp tones from a single 9V pedal.
Question: Is Blackstar a good brand?
Blackstar have quickly become one of the premier brands in amp technology since their founding in 2007. Formed with Ex-Marshall Engineers, the brand has created some modern classic amps, revolutionised the idea of a versatile amp with their ISF control and continues to innovate.
Question: What does the ISF control do?
The ISF control shifts the tonestack of the amp so that it can effortlessly move from American style tones to British style tones. Not only does the sound change, but the way the amp responds to your playing shifts as well.
Question: What different types of Blackstar pedals are available?
The Blackstar pedal range consists of the LT series and the Dept10 series. The LT series is derived from Blackstars award winning HT valve pedal series and captures in great detail the sound of a great valve distortion. The Dept10 series is a step forward from that same award winning HT valve range, and adds new features for the modern guitarist such as Cabsim and emulated out, in addition to the incredible tones.
Question: Do Blackstar Pedals go well with amps?
Blackstar pedals work extremely well with amps in a variety of ways. If you're looking to push your amp into overdrive it can be easily done, or perhaps you're looking to use one of the Dept10 pedals with a clean amp to create a 2 or 3 channel hot-rodded sound.
Question: Who uses Blackstar Pedals?
Lots of players have used Blackstar pedals, big names such as Gus G, Jared James Nichols, and Neil Schon can all be seen with Blackstar products.
Question: Where are Blackstar pedals made?
Blackstar pedals are generally made in Korea and China.