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About Blackstar Pedals

Blackstar pedals offer a flexible and cost effective way to add some Blackstar drive to your own rig. Available in a range of increasingly intense flavours, pedal ranges such as the LT Compact Series offer you a potent tone in a reliable package. The HT Twin pedals go further, offering twin pedals and genuine valve power to bring you uncompromising drive effects. Build quality is exemplary and innovative features such as the ISF (Infinite Shape Festure) are included.

A variety of gain styles are served: light and expressive overdrives mesh with muscular and textured distortions and all-out high gain assault. The Blackstar distortions are very responsive to playing dynamics and the pedals themselves have effective, well thought out controls to allow you freedom to sculpt out your own personal tone.

Frequently Asked Questions about Blackstar Pedals

Question: What does the ISF control do?
The ISF control is a patented feature on a number of Blackstar's amp ranges including the popular ID: Core range. ISF stands for Infinite Shape Feature and is a way to blend two distinct amp types - what the industry collectively knows as 'British' and 'American' tones - in an incremental way. With the ISF control turned completely one way, you'll get the British tone. Turn it completely the other way and it's the American tone you'll get. The whole point, of course, is to set it somewhere in-between these two extremes and enjoy a blend of the two tones, finding your own signature sound as you do so. The ISF control has proven to be especially popular.
Question: Which HT pedal is the most popular?
The most popular Blackstar pedal is the HT DISTX. It is a high gain pedal with patented ISF control.
Question: Do the valves in the Blackstar HT pedals really do anything?
Definitely! These are not 9V pedals, they use 300V circuits to hit the valve with a decent amount of power! This innovative range of pedals offers true valve tones. Putting one of these on your pedal board is like gaining new channels on your amp.