Blackstar HT

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About Blackstar HT

The Blackstar HT Range of valve amplifiers are strikingly versatile with sparkling cleans and crushing overdrive both readily available. Blackstar’s unique ISF function allows players to dial in classic American and British amp tones as well as creating new hybrid tones. Particularly notable in the Blackstar HT range is the one watt HT-1R and five watt HT-5R. These are unusual because they are small valve practice amps. Most practice amps these days are solid state preferencing a quantity of sounds over quality. With the HT-1R and HT-5R, Blackstar aim to bring you rich valve tones in a quiet bedroom-friendly format.

Why Should I Choose Blackstar HT?

  • Delivers true valve sounds at comfortable volumes
  • Lest you dial in a range of classic valve tones
  • Solid, reliable, and built to Blackstar's noted quality

Frequently Asked Questions about Blackstar HT

Question: What does HT stand for in Blackstar products?
HT stands for "High Tension" and refers to the high voltage valve circuits used in these Blackstar products.
Question: Is Blackstar HT any good?
Yes! Blackstar HT amps bring a plethora of sounds based on classic amp tones, powered with real valve technologies.
Question: Is the Blackstar HT 5 a hybrid amp?
Yes it is. Blackstar's unique functions allow you to dial in classic tones at comfortable volumes, still powered by true valve tone.