Bogner Cabs

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About Bogner Cabs

Bogner Cabs are made in the USA for tough touring schedules and high gain sounds. Featuring solid, dependable Baltic Birch construction and rigged with Celestion speakers, resulting in a robust and durable construction that also helps to produce a controlled and strong sound. Bogner cabinets are designed to pair with their stunning boutique, all valve amp heads and are perfect for that classic, powerful high gain sound Bogner are renowned for.

Bogner cabinets are for guitarists who are serious about their tone. If you value your tone then a Bogner cabinet would be an excellent choice to achieve a strong live sound, especially for rock and metal styles of music.

Why Should I Choose a Bogner Cab?

  • Made in the USA to very high standards
  • Compact 1x12 options as well as larger 2x12 models
  • A professional level of tone from the speaker and cabinet pairing
  • Fantastically reliable Baltic Birch construction
  • Built tough to handle the rigors of heavy touring
  • Perfect for that classic high gain, all-valve sound

Frequently Asked Questions about Bogner Cabs

Question: How good are Bogner guitar amp cabs?
Extremely good! They are made in the USA to very high standards using durable materials that also help to produce a very impressive sound.
Question: What materials do Bogner make their cabinets from?
Baltic birch is often used by Bogner along with high-quality tolex, resulting in a cabinet that will last well on the road and also produce a strong and controlled tone.
Question: What type of speakers do Bogner use in their guitar amp cabinets?
The exact speaker will depend on the cabinet however Bogner often makes use of very popular Celestion speakers such as the Vintage 30 and the Creamback 65.