Piezo Pickups

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About Piezo Pickups

Piezo Pickups are specially designed to capture your guitar's natural tone. Piezo pickups are available for acoustic and electric guitar and differ from microphones and magnetic pickups because they capture the vibrations from the strings to produce a clear sound, rather than using a magnetic field to generate electrical signal like traditional pickups.

Piezo pickups work incredibly well in acoustic instruments and can even be combined with traditional acoustic guitar pickups and microphones to create an acoustic guitar tone that's natural, but with an edge that works really well for live use and recorded music. Piezo electric pickups can be added to your electric guitar to give you quick and easy access to an acoustic style tone, without the need to switch guitars mid song.


Why Should I Choose Piezo Pickups?

  • Can be discretely added to your guitar
  • Capture your guitars natural tone
  • Low risk of feedback

Frequently Asked Questions about Piezo Pickups

Question: Are piezo pickups any good?
Yes, piezo pickups are great for capturing your guitar's natural tone without the risk of feedback that stage microphones are prone to.
Question: How do piezo pickups work?
Piezo pickups differ from traditional magnetic pickups and microphones because they capture the vibrations that resonate through your guitar's strings and wood.
Question: Can you add a piezo pickup to an electric guitar?
Yes, it's possible to achieve acoustic like tones by adding a Piezo pickup to an electric guitar and some companies like Fishman actually manufacture replacement bridges with piezo pickups built in, allowing you to easily add one to your guitar.
Question: Does a piezo pickup need a battery?
Yes, piezo pickups use a preamp which requires a battery to power the circuit.
Question: Do piezo pickups need preamp?
Yes, piezo pickups have a very low natural output and feature a pre-amp to boost their signal.