Seymour Duncan Woody Pickups

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About Seymour Duncan Woody Pickups

Seymour Duncan Woody Pickups are an amazing range of passive, noiseless soundhole pickups for acoustic guitars. They give you rich acoustic tone that sounds great for any playing style from delicate fingerstyle playing all the way to big strumming.

Seymour Duncan Woody Pickups are easily mounted to the soundhole of the guitar without the need for modifications, and it is just as easy to remove when the moment calls for it. Woody pickups come with a 14ft low capacitance, studio quality cable that allows you to plug straight into your favourite amp or the PA, making it a fantastic option for performing artists.

The Instant Mount profile also ensures you don't need to make any modifications to your guitar, letting you amplify your favourite acoustic guitars, even if they're built fully acoustic.

The range features standard single coil and hum cancelling options, and come in a range of finishes to match almost any style of guitar top for a classy, subtle look.


Why Should I Choose Seymour Duncan Woody Pickups?

  • Amazing tone
  • No modification required to fit
  • High quality
  • Fits almost any acoustic guitar
  • Range of options
  • Classic Seymour Duncan build quality

Frequently Asked Questions about Seymour Duncan Woody Pickups

Question: What is the Seymour Duncan Woody range?
The Seymour Duncan Woody range is a series of instant fit pickups built to fit almost any acoustic guitar's soundhole. Woody pickups are built to the superb standards Seymour Duncan are known for, and delivers a warm, rich acoustic tone that's great for all types of acoustic playing.
Question: What are Seymour Duncan Woody pickups?
Seymour Duncan Woody pickups are a series of passive, noiseless magnetic soundhole pickups for acoustic guitars.
Question: Are Seymour Duncan Woody pickups high quality?
Yes. Seymour Duncan Woody pickups are very high quality. They are well constructed and provide a great level of sound quality.
Question: What are Seymour Duncan Woody pickups good for?
Seymour Duncan Woody pickups are good for delivering a fantastic acoustic tone on almost any acoustic guitar. The Woody fits onto your guitar without any modifications, ensuring your precious guitar remains completely unaffected tone-wise as soon as you remove the pickup again.