Epiphone Semi Acoustic Guitars

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About Epiphone Semi Acoustic Guitars

Epiphone semi acoustic guitars are amongst the most famous in the world. Their range of semi hollow guitars include models like the Sheraton, the Casino and the most popular model, the Epiphone Dot. All of these guitars are available at every guitarguitar store and since we are one of the biggest Epiphone dealers in the UK, you can be sure that you'll have access to more Epiphone guitars than anywhere else.

Frequently Asked Questions about Epiphone Semi Acoustic Guitars

Not exactly, no. Some models like the Casino and the Century are fully hollow but other models like the Dot and the Sheraton have solid central blocks of maple to ward off feedback and deliver a stronger tone.
Unfortunately no. 'Semi acoustic' is a somewhat misleading title: these are electric guitars through and through. Their semi-hollow nature may lend a slightly louder unplugged sound but they do not in any way sound like acoustic guitars. The hollow areas of the guitar do affect the plugged-in sound though, changing the midrange response and having a slightly less focused sound, in a pleasant and musical way.
Epiphone semi acoustics are played by guitarists in a very wide range of genres: from the expected Blues and Jazz through to Indie-rock and even hard rock, some Epiphone semi acoustics like the Dot are so versatile, you can play almost anything on them.
The Epiphone Dot is the model most closely associated with the ES-335. Even its name is a reference to the dot inlays of model guitars. Having said that, the Epiphone Sheraton is an original Epiphone design that, at the time, was based very closely on the Gibson ES-335 and ES-355 models.