Epiphone ES-339 Guitars

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About the Epiphone ES-339

The Epiphone ES-339 gives you all the smooth, rich, bell-like tone of a great ES-335, but in a more manageable package. It is a full sized guitar, just with a body that is reduced in size. The ES-339 Pro model features Alnico Classic Pro humbuckers and has coil taps to give you single coil and humbucker tones.

Blues, Rock and Indie guitarists will love the feel and tones of this guitar. It is available in several finishes including Cherry, Natural and Vintage Sunburst.

Frequently Asked Questions about Epiphone ES-339 Guitars

Question: What is the size difference between an Epiphone ES-339 and a Dot 335?
The Epiphone ES-339 is noticeably smaller than a Dot. It is roughly the same size, in fact, as an Epiphone Les Paul, allowing of course for the different dimensions. Everything else about the guitar (neck size, scale length etc) is the same as the Dot.
Question: Does the size affect the sound?
The differences in tone between the ES-339 Pro and the Dot are mostly down to the 339 upgraded pickups. If the pickups on both guitars were the same, the tonal differences would be minimal.
Question: How does the coil tap on the Epiphone ES-339 Pro work?
On the ES-339, the coil tap switches are located within the tone knobs. Each pickup has its own tap. To engage them, select the appropriate pickup and give the corresponding tone knob a gentle pull. This switches on the coil tap circuit which halves the power going through the humbucker pickup. This gives out a tone similar to that of a single coil pickup. Pushing back down on the tone knob changes the signal back to full strength humbucker mode.