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About the Epiphone ES-339

The Epiphone ES-339 is Epiphone's take on its Gibson counterpart, built to the same design as the classic Gibson ES-335 or Epiphone Dot, but in a more compact body size. make no mistake, this handsome axe is a full size, full scale guitar, and retains all that rich, bell-like tone that a full size ES style is known for.

The ES-339 is rigged with a pair of Alnico Classic PRO humbuckers, wired up with push/pull Coil Taps in the tone pots to really expand the tonal palette in an already versatile guitar.

Why Should I Choose Epiphone ES-339?

All the tone of a full size ES-335 or Dot model Epiphone guitar

Much more compact, comfortable body size with the same scale length

Fitted with fantastic sounding Alnico Classic PRO humbuckers

Powerfully versatile electronics

Frequently Asked Questions about Epiphone ES-339 Guitars

Question: What is the size difference between an Epiphone ES-339 and a Dot 335?
The biggest difference is the size! The Dot ES-335 boasts the full body size common to Gibson and Epiphone ES type guitars for decades, while the ES-339 has a smaller, more compact body size while retaining the full neck and scale sizes.
Question: Is the Epiphone ES-339 worth it?
ABSOLUTELY! Not just a compact-bodied counterpart to 335 style models, this is a well built, versatile guitar that's packed with features and sounds fantastic, all at a great price.
Question: When was the Epiphone ES-339 made?
The smaller bodied ES-339 was first introduced by Gibson in 2007, with the Epiphone model following along in 2011.
Question: Where are Epiphone ES-339 guitars made?
Like many high quality, affordable guitars nowadays, the Epiphone ES-339 is manufactured in China.
Question: What does the ES stand for in Epiphone ES-339?
Electric Spanish. The ES suffix was introduced by Gibson to differentiate from electric Hawaiian-style lap steel guitars.