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About the Epiphone ES-339

Epiphone ES-339 takes the classic Gibson ES-339 design and offers it at an affordable price point without compromising on features. With premium components like Classic-Pro pickups, an Epiphone Locktone bridge and a Graph Tech Nubone nut, plus features like a hand-rolled Neck profile and a slightly smaller layered maple body, the Epiphone inspired by Gibson ES-339 is a lighter instrument that is sure to appeal to fans of hollowbody guitars but who struggle with their larger size. If you're after a high quality yet compact hollowbody guitar that offers incredible tuning stability and sounds great, look no further than the Epiphone ES-339.

Epiphone ES-339 is Epiphone's take on its Gibson counterpart, built to the same design as the classic Gibson ES-335 or Epiphone Dot, but in a more compact body size. make no mistake, this handsome axe is a full size, full scale guitar, and retains all that rich, bell-like tone that a full size ES style is known for.

Why Should I Choose Epiphone ES-339?

  • Classic vintage design
  • All the tone of a full size ES-335 or Dot model Epiphone guitar
  • Comfortable body size
  • Much more compact, comfortable body size with the same scale length
  • Premium quality components
  • Fitted with fantastic sounding Alnico Classic PRO humbuckers
  • Powerfully versatile electronics

Frequently Asked Questions about Epiphone ES-339 Guitars

Question: What is the size difference between an Epiphone ES-339 and a Dot 335?
The biggest difference is the size! The Dot ES-335 boasts the full body size common to Gibson and Epiphone ES type guitars for decades, while the ES-339 has a smaller, more compact body size while retaining the full neck and scale sizes.
Question: What is the Epiphone ES-339 inspired by?
Based on the ES-335, the Epiphone ES-339 offers the classic hollowbody design at a size more akin to a solid body electric guitar.
Question: Is the Epiphone ES-339 worth it?
ABSOLUTELY! Not just a compact-bodied counterpart to 335 style models, this is a well built, versatile guitar that's packed with features and sounds fantastic, all at a great price.
Question: When was the Epiphone ES-339 made?
The smaller bodied ES-339 was first introduced by Gibson in 2007, with the Epiphone model following along in 2011.
Question: Where are Epiphone ES-339 guitars made?
Like many high quality, affordable guitars nowadays, the Epiphone ES-339 is manufactured in China and Indonesia.
Question: What does the ES stand for in Epiphone ES-339?
Electric Spanish. The ES suffix was introduced by Gibson to differentiate from electric Hawaiian-style lap steel guitars.
Question: How many frets does an Epiphone ES-339 have?
An Epiphone ES-339 has 22 Medium Jumbo frets.