Gibson ES-339

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About the Gibson ES-339

The Gibson ES-339 is one of those great ideas that made guitarists across the world smile and ask 'why has this not been done before?' The Gibson ES-339 is essentially an ES-335 with a shrunken down body. The neck is exactly the same in terms of scale length and so on, it just has a smaller, semi hollow body that is roughly the size of a Les Paul. This provides a 'manageable' ES guitar for those who have trouble with the size of the admittedly large ES-335 but still want that lovely warm, open sound.

The Gibson ES-339 is a versatile guitar, useful for a great many genres. It is available in a range of finishes and typically comes armed with two Gibson humbuckers and the customary 24.75" scale length neck. These have become a popular choice for lots of players in the few short years they've been available due to their uncompromising tone matched with their easy to handle size.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Gibson ES-339

Question: Does the ES-339 sound the same as the ES-335?
Not exactly, no. Tonally the ES-339 is broadly similar to the ES-335 but we would say it actually sounds much closer to the Les Paul sound than anything else. Les Paul players will get a lot from an ES-339.
Question: Is the Gibson ES-339 made in the same way as an ES-335?
Yes, the construction methods used for the ES-339 are exactly the same as those of the ES-335, namely: a semi hollow body body of multiple plies of Maple and Poplar with a solid centre block of Maple. The neck is Mahogany and the finish is nitrocellulose...classic Gibson all the way!
Question: Which finishes is the Gibson ES-339 currently available in?
At the moment, the Gibson ES-339 is available in three excellent finishes: Antique Blues Burst, Antique Walnut and Drab Green.