AKG Microphones

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About AKG Microphones

AKG Microphones are a common feature of recording studios and stages all over the world. Their dynamic and condenser mics bring the quality sound and reliability that's required for professional use.

Dynamic vocal mics such as the D7 demand crisp and clear audio with the consistency needed by a vocalist performing on stage. AKG condenser microphones such as the C214 and C1000S not only offer great sound, but huge versatility.

The brand also makes a range of high quality wireless microphone systems. AKG wireless mics include the excellent WMS 40 Mini single and dual vocal systems.

Why Should I Choose an AKG Microphone?

  • Fantastic quality
  • Outstanding level of sound reproduction
  • Versatile range of models and styles

Frequently Asked Questions about AKG Microphones

Question: Are AKG microphones good?
Yes they are! AKG Microphones deliver fantastic quality of sound reproduction, with crisp, clean signals across their ranges.
Question: What are AKG mics used for?
AKG mics are available in a versatile range of formats, from dynamic mics perfect for powerful lead vocals to gorgeous condensers for capturing nuanced instrument and drum kit signals.