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About Alesis Keyboards

Alesis MIDI Keyboards feature a great playing surface and acute response, offering musicians and performers control over their DAW and virtual instruments. MIDI keyboard controllers in the V and VI ranges feature additional control parameters such as knobs and pads for further control of your music software, while the Q range feature 5 Pin MIDI connectivity, a rarity in today's MIDI keyboard market, to allow you to control external hardware and sound modules.

Alesis controller keyboards come in 25, 49 and 61 key models to fit your playing style and music setup. Please browse the full range here at guitarguitar to find the right keyboard for your needs, or feel free to contact your local store to arrange a demo.

Frequently Asked Questions about Alesis Keyboards

Question: Can I use a sustain pedal with an Alesis keyboard?
Absolutely, all Alesis controllers feature a sustain input for use with compatible sustain pedals.
Question: What size of keys and style of keybed do Alesis keyboards feature?
All Alesis MIDI keyboards feature full sized keys, with the Q series featuring a synth action key response and the V and VI series keyboards featuring semi-weighted keys.
Question: Do Alesis keyboards use 5 pin MIDI or USB connections?
All Alesis keyboards feature USB connections and the only models to feature 5 Pin MIDI are the Q25, Q49, VI25, VI49 and VI6.