Alesis MIDI Keyboards & Controllers

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About Alesis MIDI Keyboards

Alesis MIDI keyboards are loved for their ergonomic design and reliable build quality. Whether you're writing music at home and in the studio, or performing in front of an audience, Alesis keyboards have all you need to get the job done.
Each Alesis MIDI keyboard controller is bundled with all the software you will need to begin making music with your computer. They also feature a useful set of controls to fine tune your sound to suit your needs.

Why Choose an Alesis MIDI Keyboard?

  • Intuitive controls
  • Reliable build quality
  • Excellent bundled software

Frequently Asked Questions about Alesis MIDI Keyboards & Controllers

Question: Which Alesis MIDI keyboard is best for beginners?
Our favourite MIDI keyboard for beginners is the VI49. This MIDI controller features 49 semi-weighted keys, 16 drum pads, and a range of assignable knobs and buttons to speed up your workflow.
Question: How do I power an Alesis MIDI keyboard?
Most Alesis MIDI keyboards are bus-powered, meaning they only need to be connected to your computers USB port to receive power and send MIDI data.
Question: How many keys do Alesis MIDI keyboards have?
Alesis keyboards are available in 25, 32, 49, 61 and 88 key models.