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About Maestro Pedals

Maestro Pedals are often thought of as the "founder" of guitar pedals having released the FZ-1 as the first widely available fuzz pedal back in 1962. Being used in the 1965 Rolling Stones hit "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction", Maestro was catapulted to the top of the must have gear list for every guitarist at the time.

Gibson have seen fit to bring back the iconic Maestro brand with a few modern updates but an aim to capture the original magic of the brand, with the Maestro original collection pedals. Each pedal features a retro design with simple controls and a "two-in-one" mini toggle switch that offers players even more variety on their sound. These are classic designs revamped offering great tones at a fraction of the price of some expensive pedals.

A range of classic sounding pedals such as the ranger overdrive, the comet chorus, invader distortion, or even the Orbit Phaser which is designed after the very first phaser pedal on the market, the Maestro PS1. Pedals such as the comet chorus come with fantastic mode switching options such as earth mode which offers a shimmering chorus effect or the orbit mode which adds even more modulation to your sound.

Why Should I Choose a Maestro Pedal?

  • Classic tones
  • Well designed and rugged
  • A rich history of pedal designs
  • Designed after iconic pedals and tones
  • Easy to use
  • Retro designs
  • Mini-toggle adds to the functionality

Frequently Asked Questions about Maestro Pedals

Question: Who makes Maestro pedals?
Maestro pedals are designed by Gibson Innovations, a division of Gibson guitars.
Question: Are Maestro pedals any good?
Maestro pedals are very good, capturing the magic of vintage pedals while also being reinvigorated with modern updates in both features and tone.
Question: Who founded Maestro pedals?
Gibson founded Maestro using a fuzz circuit developed by recording engineers Glenn Snoddy and Revis Virgil Hobbs.
Question: Which Maestro pedal made the fuzz guitar sound famous?
The Rolling Stones made fuzz guitar famous with a Maestro FZ-1, which has been re-released as the Maestro FZ-M.
Question: Is Maestro owned by Gibson?
Yes Maestro is owned by a division of Gibson guitars.