RYRA Guitar Pedals

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About RYRA Pedals

RYRA Pedals aka Rock Your Repaired Amp offer up an impressive selection of effects. They specialise in producing replica and hot-rodded versions of extremely famous effects pedals. All of the RYRA Pedals are made in the USA to the high standards set out by the company owner and builder Shane Logan. RYRA Pedals keeps the focus on quality over quantity, with pedals such as The Klone and the Tri Pi Muff receiving very high praise. If you are looking for iconic tone with superb build quality but without the vintage price tag then RYRA Pedals is an excellent choice.

Why Should I Choose a RYRA Pedal?

  • Made using the best available components
  • Incredible versions of legendary pedals
  • Can be found on the pedalboards of many pro guitarists

Frequently Asked Questions about RYRA Guitar Pedals

Question: Are RYRA pedals any good?
Yes, RYRA pedals are extremely good and provide guitarists with excellent versions of legendary pedals.
Question: Where are RYRA pedals made?
RYRA pedals are made in the USA to an extremely high quality thanks to owner Shane Logan's high standards.
Question: Is the Klone pedal worth it?
The RYRA Klone is completely worth it as you get an exact, part for part replica of a very famous pedal at a fraction of the cost.