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About Foxgear Pedals

Foxgear Pedals boast a growing collection of great effects pedals that combine classic design with their own signature charm. From all analog chorus to twistable digital reverbs and special artist models, Foxgear are sure to have what you're looking for in a pedal. Foxgear have a large fanbase of professional users including many legendary players, with David Gilmour from Pink Floyd and Steve Lukather of Toto to name but a few. With a distinct character and eyecatching design, Foxgear Pedals are definitely a brand to keep your eye on.

Why Should I Choose a Foxgear Pedal?

  • Unique tones with huge character
  • Powerful yet affordable
  • Intuitive workflow

Frequently Asked Questions about Foxgear Pedals

Question: Where are Foxgear pedals made?
Foxgear pedals are manufactured in their own factory in China.
Question: Which guitarists use a Foxgear pedal?
Some notable Foxgear users include David Gilmour, Steve Lukather, Guy Pratt and Adrian Belew.
Question: What pedals do Foxgear produce?
Foxgear produce an impressive range of boutique style pedals including the Ballade 80s Analog Chorus, Echosex Baby Vintage Italian Echo and the Ryder Doug Aldrich Signature Distortion.