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About Foxgear

Foxgear are an Italian guitar pedal manufacturer with some really outstanding designs that have captured the imagination of a host of players. The brainchild of founders Ugo Baroni and Chico Bellini, heads of famed pedal boutiques Baroni-Lab and Gurus respectively, they came together in 2017 in a joint venture to realise ideas and projects they couldn't produce solo. The result is a range of pedals that have found their way to the feet of a host of star players, including David Gilmour, Steve Lukather, Albert Lee, Julie Slick and Adrian Belew.


Why Should I Choose Foxgear?

  • Outstanding designs
  • Range of pedals packed with superb sounds
  • Superb reliability

Frequently Asked Questions about Foxgear

Question: Who are Foxgear?
Foxgear are a joint venture between the already outstanding Italian effects brands Gurus and Baroni-Lab. Founded in 2017, company heads Ugo Baroni and Chico Bellini put their ideas together and realised they could achieve designs together they just couldn't realise going solo, and the result is a range of truly outstanding effects units.
Question: What do Foxgear produce?
Foxgear produce an outstanding range of effects pedals. Some are breathtaking original designs, some wear their influence readily on their sleeve, but all are of outstanding quality, pairing a host of exciting noises and sounds with superb reliability.
Question: Who uses Foxgear?
A whole host of visionary guitarists and bassists, including David Gilmour, Guy Pratt, Steve Lukather, Adrian Belew, Julie Slick and a vast range of others.