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About Sontronics Microphones

Sontronics microphones are an award winning company, with a passion for craftsmanship and design. Their microphones are designed and hand built in the UK, and come with a lifetime warranty.

Sontronics mics are made in 3 variations, dynamic, condenser and ribbon.

Dynamic microphones like the Sontronics Solo and Corona are great sounding vocal mics that look amazing. Both award winners, the Solo and Corona offer high end sound at an affordable price. The Halo is Sontronics' take on an instrument microphone. With an awesome retro look, the Halo is tailored for guitar cabs. It performs well both on stage and in the studio.

What studio is complete without a quality condenser mic? Models such as the Aria and Mercury are at home in professional studios. Having been road tested at the world famous Abbey Road studios, Aria and Mercury boast the most important characteristics. For smaller studios and those looking to record at home, Sontronics still have you covered. Their STC-2 and Orpheus make great vocal mics. They also sound spectacular on acoustic instruments.

Ribbon microphones are unique for their warm characteristics, sensitivity and distinctive polar patterns. Sontronics happen to make some of the best Ribbon mics on the market. Models such as the Sigma sound spectacular on vocals and acoustic instruments. The Delta is made specifically for guitar cabs.

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