Analog Alien Pedals

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About Analog Alien Pedals

Analog Alien Pedals are among the greatest sounding guitar pedals available today. Each pedal boasts an all analog signal chain and captures the sound and vibe of some of the most iconic and unusual vintage boutique pedals. From the signature Joe Walsh Double Classic pedal to the natural sound of the Rumble Seat and the convenient EPi effects pedal interface, Analog Alien guitar pedals capture the best vintage tone and clean sound operation.

Analog Alien pedals are loved for their authentic vintage style analog tone. Hand built in Long Island, New York, Analog Alien guitar pedals deliver a blast from the past in terms of tone, taking inspiration from vintage boutique pedals and reimagining to capture their best quality and make them even more tweakable and pedal board friendly. The result is a selection of guitar pedals that are loved by some of the most cherished musicians, from Stevie Wonder to Joe Walsh. If you're looking for the very best vintage tones from an authentic analog pedal without investing in an antique, you'll find them in Analog Alien pedals.

Why Should I Choose an Analog Alien Pedal?

  • Hand made in the USA
  • True analog signal path
  • Authentic and vintage boutique tones
  • Modern construction

Frequently Asked Questions about Analog Alien Pedals

Question: Are Analog Alien pedals any good?
Yes! Analog Alien Pedals are beautifully hand crafted and are used by an impressive selection of professional musicians. They are loved for their awesome tone.
Question: What are Analog Alien pedals good for?
Analog Alien pedals are great for players who are looking for authentic vintage style analog tones.
Question: Where are Analog Alien pedals made?
Each Analog Alien pedal is hand made in the USA.
Question: Who uses Analog Alien guitar pedals?
Some of the legendary musicians who use Analog Alien pedals includes Stevie Wonder, Billy Gibbons, Joe Walsh, Joan Jett and Pino Palladino.