Burns Guitars

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About Burns Guitars

Burns Guitars are an essential part of music history and their current range of guitars makes sure they'll be part of the future too. Since 1959, Burns Guitars have been providing guitarists with instruments that push boundaries. Over the years they have been used by iconic names such as Hank Marvin, Jimmy Page, Brian May, and even Elvis Presley.

Now, Burns Guitars are building on their highly influential designs with the likes of the Marquee. These models suit guitarists who are after a traditional sound with an extra edge and distinctive look. From their retro pickguard designs to their legendary sounding pickups, Burns electric guitars can breathe new life into your playing.

Why Should I Choose a Burns Guitar?

  • A rich history of iconic designs
  • Have been used by some of the most influential names in music
  • Stand out from the crowd in style

Frequently Asked Questions about Burns Guitars

Question: Are Burns electric guitars any good?
Burns electric guitars are very good instruments thanks to their decades worth of knowledge and design refinement.
Question: Which artists play a Burns guitar?
Artists who play Burns guitars include Andy Powell from Wishbone Ash, Billy Bragg, Mark Knopfler and Justin Hawkins. They have also famously been used by Hank Marvin, Jimmy Page and Elvis Presley.
Question: Where are Burns guitars made?
Burns guitars such as the Marquee model are made in China which allows for an excellent quality while keeping the guitars at an affordable price point.